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Zornotzako Barnetegia offers online courses to provide a service for all those students who choose this learning system. These courses include access to the online contents of the BOGA programme, tutorials and conversation classes.

The BOGA programme created by the Aurten Bai Foundation is the only recognised programme that HABE offers all euskaltegis, using the Moodle platform. It includes the following levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 defined by the European reference framework (link to the framework).

The characteristics of the online course by means of the BOGA programme are:

  • Course from October to June.
  • Use of the programme 5 hours a week.
  • Attendance at a weekly conversation class lasting half an hour.
  • A 30-minute tutorial every fortnight.
  • Course fee: 503,00€

Zornotzako Barnetegia has developed a C2 level online course, recognised by HABE.

The characteristics of the C2 level online course are:

  • Course from October to June.
  • Use of the programme 6 hours a week
  • Weekly or biweekly units oriented to the production of a text.
  • Direct contact with the tutor.
  • Course fee: 526,00€

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