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Zornotzako Barnetegia offers services and activities for the use and promotion of Euskara. To achieve this objective we offer linguistic assessment, based on a participatory methodology with continuous improvement. The final objective is to increase the use of Euskera in the company, institution or department.

Activities which we carry out to achieve the above:

  • Diagnosis of the situation.
  • Design and development of the plan.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the plan.
  • Linguistic management system.
  • Project to promote the use of Euskara in formal and informal contexts.
  • Workshops for reflection on the importance of languages.
  • Currently we carry out these tasks within the linguistic normalization plan with different clients such as: EITB, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Euskaltel S.A. and Galdakaoko Ospitalea.

We also offer these services:

  • Linguistic normalization plans.
  • Linguistic assessment.
  • Initiatives to promotethe use of Euskera.