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C2 courses

We offer two modalities: classroom courses  and online courses. In both cases the courses last from October to June and take about 160/175 hours. As well as the course, classroom or online, students will have to complete a project. To do so, they will be guided by their tutors and, for this purpose, each student will have 15 tutorials.

We offer, together with the course, an individual assessment service, in order to guarantee the capacitation of students in the communicative actions of their professional or personal environment. In the classroom courses the sessions last five hours, once a week, on Friday afternoons or on Saturday mornings. Different activities are conducted at these sessions with a view to internalizing the specific contents of the level (textual architecture, connection mechanisms, enunciative responsibility, punctuation, etc.) and they will have teaching material especially designed for this purpose.

In the online courses students have to carry out 6 hours’ work per week on the computer. To do this, they have to complete the didactic units provided on the moodle platform. The purpose of these units is to internalize the specific contents of this level (textual architecture, connection mechanisms, enunciative responsibility, punctuation, etc.).

Course fee in 2023-24 (classroom or online): 710.00€

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