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The summer offer includes the courses which are given from July to September. Lasting 12 days, 6 courses are organised in this period.

These courses are given continuously in the schedule listed below (at weekends the Barnetegi does not close, there are lessons every day).

Summer timetables

Breakfast: 8:00
Morning classes: 8:30-14:00
Lunch: 14:00
Afternoon classes: 15:00-18:00
Out-of-school activities: 18:15-20:30
Dinner: 21:00
Board games and films: 21:30
Silence: 24:00
Secretary’s Office: Open 24 hours


Zornotzako Barnetegia offers two types of registration. The students have to choose one of them:

  1. Internal students (called full boarders by us), includes the classes and the accommodation with full board.
  2. External students (called half boarders by us), includes the lessons and food.

Students may participate in the complementary activities even if they are external.

To register, it is necessary to be 16 years old at the start of the course.

PDF icon Calendar for summer courses 2019

CourseDaysPrices (for full board students)Prices (for half board students)
From 1 to 12 July12478,00 €408,00 €
From 15 to 26 July12478,00 €408,00 €
From 5 to 16 August12478,00 €408,00 €
From 19 to 30 August12478,00 €408,00 €
From 2 to 13 September12478,00 €408,00 €
From 16 to 27 September12478,00 €408,00 €

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