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Learn Basque in 2022 - 2023 on winter courses in Zornotzako Barnetegia

The winter offer includes the courses which are given from October to June. Every course lasts approximately one month.


For the winter courses, from October 2022 to June 2023, we have prepared a special discount if you come with a friend.
In this case, if you register for the same course, you will each get a 25% discount. Some things are much easier if you are not alone... :)

Winter courses are given from Monday to Friday in the schedule listed below (at weekend the Barnetegi closes, so there are no classes).

Winter timetables

Breakfast: 9:00
Morning classes: 9:30-14:00
Lunch: 14:00
Afternoon classes: 15:30-17:30
Complementary activities: 18:00-20:00
Dinner: 20:30
Board games and films: 21:00
Silence: 24:00
Secretary’s Office: Open 24 hours

Zornotzako Barnetegia offers two types of registration. The students have to choose one of them:

  1. Internal students ("full boarders"), the price includes the classes and the accommodation with full board.
  2. External students ("half boarders"), the price includes the lessons and lunch.

Students may participate in the complementary activities even if they are external.

To register, it is necessary to be 16 years old at the start of the course.

Calendar for winter courses 2022 - 2023

Download the calendar: our Basque courses in 2022 -2023

CourseDaysHoursPrices (for full board students)Prices (for half board students)
From 3 to 28 October 20120639.00 €533.00 €
From 2 to 25 November18108575.00 €480.00 €
From November 28 to December 22 (8, 9 - holiday)17102543.00 €453.00 €
From 9 to 27 of January1590479.00 €400.00 €
From January 30 to February 171590479.00 €400.00 €
From February 20 to March 101590479.00 €400.00 €
From 13 to 31 of March1590479.00 €400.00 €
From April 17 to May 1219114607.00 €507.00 €
From May 15 to June 21590479.00 €400.00 €
From 5 to 30 of June20120639.00 €533.00 €

Are you interested?

Too expensive? Do you want it cheaper?

Maybe it seems a bit expensive, maybe you can't afford it at the moment? If so, see what SCHOLARSHIPS or GRANTS you can get to make the course much cheaper.

Sign up for a winter course

To formalise your enrolment call + 34 946 308 304, write an email to or use the web form.
Once you have got the enrolment confirmed by us (by telephone or email), and before going to the Barnetegi (before the course starts) you should pay the enrolment fee by bank transfer, indicating in the concept the name and surname of the student.

Kutxabank : ES80/2095/0023/59/2023013535
Account holder: Aurten Bai Fundazioa

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