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Basque Courses - Clases de euskera
Summer is the perfect time to learn Basque! At Zornotzako Barnetegia we offer intensive summer courses so that you can improve your level of Basque quickly and effectively.

What are summer intensive courses?

Intensive summer courses are short but highly intensive courses that allow you to make rapid progress in your level of Basque. During the summer, you have more free time and can dedicate more hours to learning Basque, which will help you to improve your level in a short period of time.

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Why choose our intensive summer courses?

Our courses are the ideal option for learning Basque effectively and in a short period of time. Here are some reasons why you should choose our courses:
  • Highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching Basque.
  • Small groups for a better use of time and personalised attention.
  • Up-to-date teaching materials adapted to the needs of each student.
  • Pleasant and motivating learning environment.

Dates and prices

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How to enrol in our intensive summer courses?

Enrolling in our intensive summer courses is very easy:
  • Check here to find more information about our intensive summer courses.
  • Choose the dates that are most convenient for you.
  • Fill in the enrolment form with your personal and contact details.
  • If you prefer, call us: +34 946308304 or email:

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That's it! You are now enrolled in our intensive summer courses.

udako barnetegiaOnce you have got the enrolment confirmed by us (by telephone or email), and before going to the Barnetegi (before the course starts) you should pay the enrolment fee by bank transfer, indicating in the concept the name and surname of the student.

Kutxabank : ES80 2095 0023 59 2023013535
Account holder: Aurten Bai Fundazioa

Don't miss the opportunity to improve your level of Basque this summer with our intensive courses. We look forward to seeing you at our Basque language school!