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Call for euskaltegi students in 2021

A prerequisite for participation in the call is to be enrolled in an euskaltegi registered in the HABE Register, such as Zornotzako Barnetegia,  in a course with a starting date after 1 June 2020.

Examination calendar

There are two examination periods for euskaltegi students in 2021: in spring and autumn.

 Call for euskaltegis pupils (2021)SpringAutumn
 Euskaltegis notify HABE of the level passed by studentsBy 23 MarchBy 6 September
 EnrolmentFrom 6 to 14 AprilFrom 9 to 15 September
 List of admitted students15 April16 September
 Request for a change of venue for the written expression test [1]23 April23 September
 Results of the reading comprehension and listening comprehension tests27 April28 September
 Writing test3 - 8 May [2]8 - 9 October  [2]
 Extraordinary date for the written expression test [3]18 May19 October
 Results of the written expression test 11 June11 November
 Deadline for submitting revision requestsDel 14 al 16 June12 - 16 November
 Request for a change of place, day or time of the speaking test​ [1]14 June12 November
 Speaking test​Entre el 24 June y el 10 July [2]25 November - 4 December [2]
 Extraordinary date for taking the Speaking test [3]16 July14 December
 Final results21 July20 December
 Deadline for submitting revision requests22 - 26 July21 - 23 December

[1] HABE accepts requests for changes as far as it is possible. In the written expression test, a change of venue may be requested. In the speaking test, in addition to the change of venue, changes of day or time may be requested, always within the options provided for in the timetable for each level.
[2] The range of days indicated corresponds to the entire call. Each level will be assigned specific days and times, which will be published on the HABE website.
[3] Only for those who have not been able to present themselves on the ordinary date due to force majeure.

  • Writing and oral comprehension tests: will take place in the euskaltegis, in our case: in Zornotzako Barnetegia in Zornotza (Amorebieta).
  • Written and oral expression tests: will be held on two different days (one day for the written test and the other day for the oral test), on the dates, times and places determined by HABE.
  • Information on results: Passing the written and oral comprehension tests is a prerequisite for taking the written expression test. Likewise, it is necessary to obtain a minimum score in the written expression test in order to sit the oral expression test.

More details and updates on HABE website.