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Etxepare Institutua eta Aurten Bai

Bridging Cultures and Languages: A Global Experience in Zornotzako Barnetegia

Thanks to the collaboration between the Basque Institute ETXEPARE and the Aurten Bai Foundation, nearly 30 students from different corners of the world gathered at Zornotzako Barnetegi (Amorebieta) in July and August. Additionally, in July, another 8 students participated in an online course from the comfort of their homes. Traditionally, during the summer, students from the northern hemisphere attended the barnetegi, while those from the southern hemisphere joined during winter. However, this summer marked a new chapter as we warmly welcomed students from both hemispheres. Our students this year have hailed from countries such as Poland, Italy, Germany, the United States, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Japan.

The participants had the unique opportunity to either attend the in-person sessions at the Zornotzako Barnetegi de Amorebieta-Etxano or engage in the virtual course, and both options received high praise and satisfaction. Nonetheless, for those who opted for the online experience, time zone differences meant that some dedicated souls had to attend classes as early as 6:00 in the morning. Despite this challenge, their dedication and passion for learning the Euskara language remained unwavering. Many of these students are multilingual, and they unanimously agree that Euskara is no more difficult to learn than any other language. They possess a profound understanding of language, which fosters a strong bond with Euskara and the Basque culture.

These diverse and enthusiastic students are now destined to spread the beauty of Euskara and Basque culture worldwide, much like their predecessors. They represent a global community united by the desire to embrace Euskara, and through their efforts, they will inspire others to follow suit. As we reflect on this enriching experience, it is evident that the love for Euskara transcends borders, connecting people from all walks of life in their shared journey of language and cultural exploration.